1> I’m at the payphone trying to call home

all of my change I spent on you

where have the times gone baby it’s all wrong

where are the plans we made for two

               yeah I,I know its hard to remember

               the people we used to be

               it’s ever harder to picture

               that you’re not here next to me

               you say it’s too late to make it

              but is it too late to try

              and i nour time that you wasted

               all of our bridges burned down

     i’ve wasted my night

     you turned out the lights

     now i’m paralyzed

     still stuck in that time,when we called it love

     but ever the sun sets in paradise

back to 1>

3> if happy ever after did exist

      i’d still be holding you like this

      all those fairytales are full of shit

      one more stupid live song i’ll be sick

now i’m at a payphone


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